Thursday, February 27, 2020

Marketing Communications Exam Questions Assignment

Marketing Communications Exam Questions - Assignment Example Sophistication is a brand personality characteristic that displays the glamour of the consumer, while ruggedness measures the strength of the brand (Aaker, 1997:351). The brand personality allows consumers to identify emotionally with a product, while making the consumers respond to the brand with feelings and emotions. The brand personality framework provides for a different perspective of looking at a brand, through using a system of human characteristic to assess the product, such that the consumer is able to fully understand how they feel about a product, as opposed to the consumer looking at how the brand performs. In this respect, brand personality enables a consumer to express himself or herself through the brand (Aaker, 1997:3454). For example, any individual who chooses to wear a Nike truck suit and Nike branded racing shoes simply wants to express himself or herself as an athlete, and any individual who looks at such a person will simply see an athlete. The marketing communication managers can utilize the brand personality framework to connect with the target audience or the prospective customer by differentiating the brand that the managers are promoting from a range of brand categories, which will in turn act as a driver of consumer preference and usage (Aaker, 1997:350). Therefore, the marketing communication manager can use a brand that will relate to a consumers personality as the promotion bait, making the consumers go for the product, since by relating such a product with their personality, the brand will serve as a means of the consumer expressing themselves. For example, the marketing manager can target the Nike brand to customers who look beauty and physical-figure conscious, since probably they ar e used to jogging or working in the gym, thus the Nike brand would help identify the customers as athletes. The hierarchy of marcom effects model is relevant in moving a consumer from awareness to a loyal customer. This is because; it defines the six

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