Saturday, December 21, 2019

William Hemingway s The Cafe - 1246 Words

After the older waiter turns off the light to the cafe and closes up, he then proceeds to carry the conversation with himself. This again, displays his loneliness. The text states, â€Å"Turning off the electric light he continue the conversation with himself. It is the light of course but it is necessary that the place be clean and pleasant. You do not want music. Certainly you do not want music. Nor can you stand before a bar with dingily although hat is all that is provided for these hours† (Hemingway, 382). He continues to convince himself that the cafe is needed for all the people who are lonely, like him, and the old man. However, it is time to close up and head home. Instead, he decides to go to a bodega. The text doesn’t overtly state why he goes to the bodega, but you can infer that he is trying to understand the younger waiter. He knows that a bodega isn’t like the cafe at all, but he is willing to give it a try. Besides, he doesn’t want to go ho me to nothing. The text goes on to say the following,â€Å"What did he fear? It was not fear or dread. It was a nothing that he knew too well. It was all a nothing and a man was nothing too. It was only that and light was all it needed and a certain cleanness and order† (Hemingway, 383). In order to cope with nothing, he too, needs to go to a cafe but none are open at this hour. He then goes on to say a prayer but replaces the lord, god, and religion for nothing or nada. For the older waiter, he doesn’t find meaning in religion. ItShow MoreRelatedResearch Paper-Manila Hotel3275 Words   |  14 Pagesreceptions, anniversaries, conventions, and exhibitions. II. Body The hotel contains the offices of several foreign news organizations, including The New York Times. It has hosted numerous historical persons and celebrities, including authors Ernest Hemingway and James A. Michener, U.S. President John F. Kennedy, The Beatles, actors Michael Jackson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and John Wayne, publisher Henry Luce, entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr., Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, and many various world leadersRead MoreI Just Wanna Be Average6008 Words   |  25 Pagesmultiple-choice exams. Hed poke me in the back: once for the answer under A, twice for B, and so on; and when hed hit the right one, Id look up to the ceiling as though I were lost in thought. Poke: cytoplasm. Poke, poke: methane. Poke, poke, poke: William Harvey. Poke, poke, poke, poke: islets of Langerhans. This didnt work out perfectly, but Dave passed the course, and I mastered the dreamy look of a guy on a record jacket. And something else happened. Brother Clint puzzled over this Voc. E d. kid

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